Prayer for being Blessed and Thankful

by Rick (Orland , Ca)

Greetings , I hope this message finds you well and safe . I am very thankful for the many things I have been blessed with . A wonderful loving family . Three beautiful children . A very wonderful loving wife . And like my wife says , As long as we have a roof over our heads , food in our stomachs and most importantly GOD in our lives . But with like everyday in peoples lives , everyone deals with different situations , Things that just seem to happen .

Pain of all types whether physical , heartache , money or jobs can nag at your everyday living . I don’t remember the exact words but a verse in the Bible teaches us ” Those who stay focused on the LORD , He will keep in perfect peace . Im asking for prayer to find a new job as I was layed off last July due to company changes and the closing of a store . I have not been unemployed in over 35 years so it does create a different and new worry for us . Also having lazor spine procedure in February .

Also having neck and shoulder , knee and back pain . Of coarse intensified by the cold weather as many folks do . But I do fast walk two miles a day about five days a week . Try to keep moving and eat well , Well most of the time . Anyway , Thanks for reading and thanks for the prayers . May you all have a blessed day and a blessed new year .

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