Prayer for becoming successful and healther

by Samantha Nanda (Florida)

Dear Lord, thank you for everything you have ever done for me. When I thought doors were closing and things were getting worse; you have just been opening my eyes making me realize I deserve better and I am better. Thank you for blessing me with so much. Today I am coming to you because I have become extremely unhealthy and over weight. I gained so much weight because of my antidepressants. I take medication for depression and it caused me to have thyroid. Please father help me find ways to become more healthy. I am starting school next year father. I turned 18 yesterday and I want to become more mature and do things on my own. Please father when I start school I want to understand what I am doing and not fail. I have always been good in school but ever since I dropped out, I fell back a lot. Heavenly father, I need your guidance, strength, & wisdom to help me succeed in life. Please be with me at this time of need. Please shine your spark on me. I want to be on my own in a few years and I want to become the person I want to be. Help me change, help me succeed.

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