Prayer for baby with Liver Disease

Please I desperately need prayers for Becky. She has liver disease and is only 14 months old!!! Please pray that her surgery went well and she will recover and be free of disease and pain and live a long happy life, i’m ill myself and its getting harder to take.

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  1. please pray for her she needs healing

    Hello sorry but i could not get my whole message to because of limited wording , but she was born really sick her liver was not functioning and her own body was poisining her , so we sacrificed everything to give her the surgery she needed but her recovery is not going as well her last blood test in February post surgery to see if the surgery helped were not good she has another couple of blood rest coming up in April 9 , these are the final ones if they do not come back to normal levels her surgery was not succesful ,please pray that her recovery starts to ge really well and her blood work shows a succesful outcome of her surgery , because i myself became really ill with vasculitis , and its really painful and its getting harder to take care of her please pray to the lord jesus and all the angel arch angels , virgin mary whomever you pray to that she and i will heal GODBLESS YOU oxoxoxoxxoxoox

  2. I will pray for the babies healing and well-being

    The Lord is big and all mighty and he will help the baby, that baby will be cured, faith moves mountains. God will help you and your baby , have faith. I will be praying for your baby to heal. amen

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