Prayer For Baby Keenan.

by Papa Bob (AZ)

Lord, we humbly ask you for your help and mercy with this precious little boy. You know he is suffering through several physical issues, and we ask for your mercy and guidance. Please Lord, send your holy spirit to love and comfort Keenan, we ask that you wrap your loving arms around him, and give him comfort and peace.

Lord, we humbly ask that Keenan be allowed to develop normally, and to have good health. Life is difficult, and we ask that Keenan be given the assistance of your ministering angels and spirits, and that he is comforted and strengthened through your grace and mercy.

We thank you for all the blessings you have given all of us. Please help all of us in his family, to love and help him in his journey. Give Keenan, and all his family, strength, discernment, and hope throughout all our lives. Please assist us, and help us in caring for Keenan throughout his life. We ask for healing Lord, and to let Keenan grow and develop in a manner that will allow him to be an instrument of your peace to others.

We ask these things Lord, in Jesus Holy name. We ask that the power and authority of Christ’s blood, have dominion and control over this little boy. We trust and praise you for your continued blessings. Amen

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