Prayer for Atrial Septal Defect

by Maribel (Houston,Texas)

Thank you all for your prayers god bless you always.Our son is ok.But know we need for you to pray harder the doctor wants to dismiss him and send him home please we beg you dont let him dimiss him I’am having an Interview tommorow for a job hope they hire me so we can pay the doctor for next week and can you please pray for me to get the job.and pray for my husband to have strenght for all those miracles to come on the way.And for our son to with stand the pain and for him to believe that out there are good people still that stll care.Thank you so much.You know I have read about this defect and its an abuse off alcohol and drugs that the lungs dont recieve enough oygen and that starts in babies and they have to have surgery and medications.And the thing is that they have to go see the doctor every month and then later after a month then it will be a year.So please every one please be very carefull dont abuse alcohol and even when you dont control your diabetic please mom be very carefull before you have a kid.And take good care off your kids take them when you all see that they are having trouble breathing that is one of a sign dont let things go further.

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