prayer for assisting family in crisis

by Yvonnr (Harlingen,Texas, USA)

Sacread Heart Of Jesus, please hear my prayers and answer me. Help my daughter vannessa get the full time job with health insurance. Take away her temper tamtrum,depression, anger, give her patience with her 2 daughters. That her boyfriend kyle, father of her daughters, marry her sokn, get full time hrs. At work. That he provide comfort,love, safety to them. That his family, be supportive of my daughter, and babies sarakate age 5, paige age 2. That all evil be kept away fromtheir home, vehicle, from them. Sacred heart of jesus i trust in you. Help my granddaughter sarakate age 5. Help her learn to pray, take away her stomach problems, her frequent allergies, sinus problems, headaches, bodyaches. Take away her post traumatic stress disorder, her anxiexty,frustration, panic attacks. Take away her speech problems, her learning disabilities. Fill her life,heart,soul,mind full of love, forgiveness, help her physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. ,take away her hyperactivity, lying, insecurities. Help my granddaughter paige age 2 take away her colds, sinus,allergies, her skin infection: take away her learnig disabilities, her speech problems’ . Her temperment. Help both children grow up happy, healthy, good catholics, honest.intelligent, help them financially,that they may not lack in anything. Keep all evil spirits away from them Bless them all. That they start going to catholic church. Have great faith in you and our great mother, immaculate heart of mary.amen