Prayer for any and all curses to be broken in the name of Jesus, Yeshua! Amen

by Lanora (Stockbridge, GA)

I thank God for all curses, witchcraft, against me, my children, family, my relatives, enemies, friends, and anyone that needs prayer, that they are broken and we are covered by the BLOOD OF YESHUA!

That we are saved, whole, prosperous, protected, have strength, love, peace, joy, long suffering, temperance, and our prayers are heard and answered NOW!

We thank you that all our needs are met, we have plenty more to put in store. We have enough to give, pay & save.

We are employed, have homes, food, vehicles, etc, We are a blessing to others and continue to walk in Love always!

We declare and receive Favor, Mercy & Grace, In the name of Yeshua, Jesus!