Prayer for anxiety, anger, confusion, sadness

by Brandy (Romulus, Michigan)

Please pray with me and for me. I’m going through a difficult time in my life. I often find myself sad, then angry, then anxiety ridden throughout my day, and it’s tearing me apart. I have a little girl who I love dearly and I fear I’m missing out on joy with her because of these awful, depressing thoughts and feelings of mine. I realize that others have more dire problems than myself, and I know I should be grateful for my blessings instead of focusing on my difficulties. It’s just so hard. I’m just so sad. I get to thinking such violent thoughts against those I feel that’ve done me wrong. Pray for me to release my anger. Pray for me to find peace in my heart and be aware of my thoughts. Pray for me to have the clarity and motivation to build an even better life for me and my daughter. Please pray for me to be aware of others that may be in need of a friend in their time of need. Help me find humble self-esteem.

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  1. Hi!

    Hi there, your post resonated with me. You sound like you’re aware that you have a problem on your hands and you are trying to give it to the Lord. I will pray for you, that you will start to focus on the blessings in your life (like your little girl!) and not to dwell on the hurt, pain and wrong doings of others. I think it is natural to act and think in this way. But it doesn’t have to be like this! Keep giving it to the Lord, just like you’re doing now. Keep seeking him DAILY. Give yourself a set amount of time each day and use that time to focus on all the blessings that He’s given you! Even if it’s just for a minute or two. My mind also likes to linger on the negative. And when I let myself, it can get pretty dark. BUT when I see myself venturing that way, I try and recognize it, and if I can, I PRAY!

    Someone once told me that God carves out our lives and creates a very special set of circumstances that will test us, grow us, challenge us in a way that is absolutely PERFECT and unique to ourselves. I know that this isn’t always comforting. But even in struggle that you are going through right now, know that you are going through it for a specific purpose! He is shaping you to be a masterpiece!

  2. Peace

    I too have been dealing with the same feelings. I’ve cried so much reading your post because it’s like I wrote it except the fact I have two boys. I will pray for you but sometimes it is hard to pray when that is where my help lies. We have to believe God will give us the peace we need to continue on this journey.

  3. I understand

    I completely know where you are coming from. Aside from you having a daughter and I do not I feel as though I wrote your post. It brings tears to my eyes and a pain in my heart to hear someone else struggling the way I do. I would never wish these feelings and sadness upon anyone. I am praying for you and that you can let go and focus solely on the happiness and love your daughter brings to your life. That God will help you enjoy what you have and no longer be burdened by guilt anger or sadness. God bless .

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