Prayer for anxiety and panic attacks

by Suzanne (Dublin Ireland)

i ask for prayer to help me cope with my anxiety and panic disorders..i am pregnant and feel very worried about what this is doing for my unborn baby and for my mind.please pray that all anxiety and fear will be lifted so i can go on to have a happy and healthy and peaceful pregnancy and that i will get through this and we will both be ok..thankyou

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  1. Panic and Anxiety will ease up...

    Hi, I was submitting a prayer for another reason and saw your prayer. Just keep the faith they will get easier I promise. Talk to a Doctor to see if you can deal with the panic because your pregnant you can’t take medication.But talking really helps so does meditation. I wish you good luck…I’ll keep you in my prayers….

  2. Peace

    I pray that you have peace and a healthy pregnancy. Lay all worries and fears in God’s hands and leave them. He will do the rest. He will remove all anxieties and replace them with peace and joy as long as you have the faith and belief that he will. God bless you!

  3. Faith

    My prayers are with both of you!
    You will both be fine
    Please go to church each Sunday
    Jesus needs you
    Just tell him you are putting this
    Birth on his shoulder and you know he will be at
    Your side in the hospital

  4. Speak The Word 2 Your fears:

    Say these scriptures 2 yourself every time fear try’s 2 come.

    If we go by Gods formula, which is his Word. We (can’t) go wrong
    This has, is, and Will always help Me so I Know it Will help YOU.

    In JESUS Mighty Name Amen:

    Gods author publisher, Harrison

  5. Jack Handley - Prayer Warrior

    I am a prayer warrior for a very large church. I have been under vicious attacks up to and including bruises, bite marks, and oppression. It seems to be getting worse. I have had major knee replacement surgery in November of last year and my recovery was slow and unusually painful. Since then until right now I have had a solid string of illness’s. I have suffered with panic attacks for a long time along with depression. Now, my sleep is being attacked. I will go to sleep for an hour and wake up having a horrible attack of anxiety. Now at work as I work the early morning shift 6 am until 2:30 pm. I fall asleep while talking and driving to work is a real challenge. I pray the blood of Jesus Christ and his stripes against this and I need more help. I just don’t think I am going to make it much longer.

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