Prayer for Another Chance

by Sheryl (Millsboro, DE USA)

Lord, I’m in such financial debt that there is no way I can get out it. I blame no one but my self. Lord, please forgive me. Lord, as you already know, I’m months behind in everything. Lord, I pray that you get me completely out of my credit card debit and my two loans. Lord, I need to get caught up on my electric bill, telephone bill and my mortgage. Lord, if you could just give me another chance to get back on track, I will forever praise your name. Please know that I am so grateful and thankful for all that you have already done in my life. I’ve already passed my safe period(if there is such a thing) with all my bills. Father, I pray that you will answer my prayers. I pray this in your most holy and precious name. Thank you Lord. Amen

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