Prayer for another chance in love

Dear God,

I write this prayer especially to ask you for another chance with him.

May you make him open his heart and eyes for me, and for him to see how much love and loyalty I am willing to give him. And may you make me a better person with him.

I ask you to give me another chance with him, i probably don’t deserve it for all the sins that i have previously committed. But, i promise i am very sorry with all my heart, and i hope you are willing to forgive me and allow me to prove to you that i have grown to become a better person because of him, but especially because you.

Please god, open up his heart and eyes, and allow him to give me a chance. And please, give me a chance to make this better tomorrow, by him not ignoring me. Let him tell me that he can go out with me tomorrow.

May you make this relationship bloom to be a healthy relationship, and may you give me another chance to make this right. And may you not let different religions cause this separation, because we all are believers in you. I have all my faith in you, although he made it clear on Saturday that he doesn’t want me. Please God, i ask you to give me another chance with him And allow him to open his heart for me.

I love you with my all.