Prayer for Angels who submit to demons

by Steve (Kansas)

I have some angels who are supposed to be watching over me who are holding the doors to hell open while demonic forces are attacking me….I have asked God to remove these corrupt angels and to cast these angels to the pit where they belong…

I rebuke being single out and tormented, tortured, abused because the lack of support and angelic powers to handle these evil spirits. I fully understand spiritual warfare but I dont understand why God puts angels around his pride and joy that can’t control or handle demons…

In 14 years I have very little forward progress and I attribute this to lack of powerful angels who struggle with demons and honor and honoring God’s word….

Would you please pray that God provide me powerful angels to remove these foul wicked spirits who get by with doing anything they want to and I am continously being shamed because of attacks and I know what Gods word says about shame (Romans 10:11) and their not honoring God’s word….I have bound these foul spirits according to Matthew 18:18

If I did my job as sloppy and poorly as these angels do I would be on the unemployment line….