Prayer for Angel Baby.

by Isaac (Forest ,Va. USA)

I ask all Believers of strong faith to come in agreement with this prayer . “Most gracious Heavenly Father . I come to you with thanksgiving and praise . You alone hold the universe together , You Almighty God , give life , salvation ,hope and deliverance . I am your servant , I totally submit my life to your calling and purpose . I thank You Father , that You have placed Angel Baby in my life and burdened my heart for her . She is one of the purposes You have divinely appointed me to in this life . The love for her that You have imparted to my heart is stronger than any doubt , fear or trouble that the enemy can muster against us . I have confessed to You , Lord , the harsh words that I spoke to her , I repent for letting frustration turn to anger and for allowing my tongue to say things that I never meant . Thank You God for forgiving my sin . When I speak unkindly to another person it is the same as speaking unkindly to You ! therefore , I sinned not only against the one I love , I sinned against You , Lord . I ask You Jehovah God , to restore our relationship . To heal her wounded heart , to soften her attitude toward me , to truly forgive me and remember the deep love we share towards each other . Grant her forgiveness as Christ Jesus forgives , totally and unconditionally . Father , she has much hurt from her past , from past relationships , acquaintances and from others . I know You know about these and I know that You , Sovereign Lord , can do anything , You are God ! In the Name of Jesus the Christ , I proclaim that a miracle healing will take place in her heart and mind beginning right now ! Father , I proclaim in The Name of Jesus that the ministry that You have called and chosen us to , will commence and that we will plant much seed of truth from Your Holy Bible into the hearts and minds of people all over the world . I ask you to heal our relationship and bring us to the alter in obedience . I proclaim that our bond will be stronger than ever before and that peace will reign in our hearts in a harmonious partnership with You God as the center . We are a three strand chord that will not be easily broken . Lead us in the covenant of Marriage according to Your decrees . I know You will do this , I believe that You , Father are at this very moment , putting this into action , Hallelujah ! Thank You LORD. I praise Your marvelous works. , I stand on mount Zion in my Spirit in the Heavenly Jerusalem with You staff of power in my Spiritman hand , raised to honor Tour works Lord God , and to claim this victory in Your Perfect Son Jesus’ Name . Glory to God in the highest ! Amen . Thank You LORD GOD. I love you forever Angel Baby .

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