Prayer for an urgent Need of Money

by Debbie (Hanover MD)

I lost my job on October 3, 2013. Since that time, I have been struggling financially. All of my bills are due/past due; and I am without a viable income in which to pay.

My former employer interfered with my unemployment compensation by providing false information to the VA Commission (alleging) that I quit my position rather than adhere to a PIP. I have appealed; but, I am now having to wait another 7-10 days whereby I am hoping and praying in earnest that the initial (denial) decision will be reversed. In the interim, I am in dire need of monies in which to satisfy my monthly obligations.

Lord, I humbly beseech you to intervene on my behalf. My rent needs to be (immediately) be paid so as to not be evicted. Please, dear Lord, provide more than enough to satisfy all outstanding debt. In your Holy Name I do pray, Amen.

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