Prayer for an urgent financial reward/breakthrough to enable us to take our daughter to college

by Albert (Kenya)

First I thank God Almighty for consistently giving me work to do and for enabling my wife and I to earn professional respect and recognition on our respective careers and specialization. Because of Jehovah’s great faithfulness and mercy He has enabled us to win battle and battle in the last 20 years, some of them very tough indeed. For that I will forever be grateful.

Over the years, perhaps since my wife and I have refused to elevate money to become a god or object of worship, we get people who have sought our professional services take forever before they pay. Many of the business ventures we have tried our hands on have ended benefitting cunning types who disappear with the proceeds including the portion due to us.

This coming Monday, there is a very promising engagement that is capable of paying us a decent sum of money. We pray that it will be concluded immediately and that by Tuesday, as it has been scheduled, we shall get our dues and be able to pay for our daughter’s college fees, airfare and other related needs. Besides, we pray that other payments due for this coming week and a few others due in coming months will be honoured.

Our prayer request is that the trend where we lose our entitlement or get it delayed for long periods of time will be brought to and end and that forthwith every engagement we enter into will yields results. We also ask for prayer support in making the school deadline for our daughter which is the last week of September.

Kindly pray with us. God bless!