Prayer for An University corruption to be Justified

by R (Portland, Oregon, USA)


Thank you for being a foundation for this great nation.
Please God help a friend of mine that has stood up against lawlessness and corruption at a state university in Portland oregon. As she stood up links of the broken chain began revealing all the fraud and corruption that was behind the scenes.

Remove the obstacles that are in her way for obtaining justice, not just for herself but the large number of students as well. Remove the corruption from our regulatory agencies that are refusing to investigate (BOLI, ethics commission, board of dentistry, district attorneys and judges, governmental employees from chicago).

Please lord protect her safety and health as she stands firm. Provide her with the counsel that she needs to find justice for all of us a state. Protect the students and employees against identity theft ring within the university. Protect the students against health care fraud and from being stalked when speaking out against nefarious acts.

Restore the laws in our state and rejuvenate the people to live a better way of life
Help me to bring peace in her heart as she battles for all of us.

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