Prayer for an understanding heart

by Joy (Hayward, CA, USA)

My most Holy Lord, I’m always looking up other people’s prayers for strength and help. I come to you now, Lord, on my own. I’m not asking for wealth, I’m asking for your continued mercy and grace in taking care of my family. I know, Lord, that if I could get from you a deeper understanding of Your Word, I would understand want You want from me. So my first request is to give me an understanding heart so I can discern what your word is saying to me. Open up my heart to know what I need to work on and what I need to do to please You.

I need You Lord each and every day. My love for You is overwhelming yet sometimes I feel I’m not loving You enough. Please help me draw closer to You and Your Word Lord. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR PRESENCE IN MY HEART, IN THE DEPTHS OF MY SOUL. Convict my soul Lord so that my heart will open up for your Holy Spirit to enter and dwell within me. Help me be a better person with a kinder and understanding heart towards my children and grandchildren. Guide me to deliver unto them all the love and wisdom You have given me through Your Word.

And finally Lord, I’m asking You not for wealth but just to be able to take care of my family and our bills without the stress I have been enduring. You know my heart, Lord. I just want to be ok. Please Lord, hear my prayer to You. I come to You as humble as I can, asking these things in Your Holy Name. Amen.