prayer for an unbiased family court system

by Aaron (Ny Ny)

Lord, i humbly come to you and ask for strength, courage, a clear focused mind and an unbiased judge. I ask you to take the devil out of my ex wife so she stops hurting our son. He is being torn apart by the conflict, lies and deceit. I ask you to protect him from what i do and unknowlingly do to add to his complicated life. Divorce is not easy Lord, but i beleive you will see us both through this dark time, through lies in court papers, through a legal system which does not enforce stipulations equally. I ask for justice Lord, to hold her accountable for her actions as my fear is the court will allow her to get away with all the damage she does to our child. Please grant me the strength and peace to make it through this destructive time. I beleive you will guide me.