Prayer for an Open Heart to the Lord

by Sharon (Bronx NY)

Dear Lord I pray that you open the heart of the man that I love and want in my life. I pray to you because only you can make this possible for me. Fill his mind body and soul of thoughts and visions of me. Let him remember our past and look toward a future with me. Fill his mind body and soul with your love and kindness. Remove all confusion in his life.

Make everything in his life that is complicated to be uncomplicated as I write this pray. Make everything that is complicated, impossible, and not right to be right, possible ,and uncomplicated. For months I pray for you to make him look my way. For months I prayed to you for him to acknowledge me. You granted that wish to where so many things between us was only in the name of love.

What ever pulled him away remove it completely and fill his heart with love for me everlasting. I’m unhappy with out the love that was showed to every waking moment.
Please here my pray Almighty God please hear my pray. Amen