Prayer for an Everlasting Miracle For My Children and I

Dear Lord, Please grant me a miracle. A miracle from what worries me the most. A miracle of happiness for the rest of my life. I want to look forward to each day and not as a dread. I want my children to out live me and for me to never hear about anymore problems I faced the end of Dec. and the first of Feb. No More!!!

Please Lord, help me to wash away my worries and my fears. Give me hope and encouragement to live onward. Please allow my love to fall deeper in love with me and someday ask me to marry him. I do not want to grow old alone. I want to grow old with him forever!

Please protect my two children and their two sons. Please help my daughter to become a much better person and for the cyst in her ovaries to go away. Oh Lord, Please heal her. For I ask all this in your holy name. AMEN

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