Prayer for an entry-level computer science job.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all that you have given me in this life. I have been blessed with a loving family, been provided for with the basic needs in life and a degree in a promising field. I am eternally grateful for all the blessings that you have showered on me.

I am at a crossroads in my life at this very moment. The job market has been very tough and the competition for recent graduates applying for entry-level positions has been very intense. I pray for your guidance and wisdom to help me do well in job interviews and for your grace to help me land a job soon. It has been over 4 months since I graduated and I have still to find a job in my chosen field of study. Please help me find a job that is right for me, and in the soonest possible time. I have bills to pay and my student loans are going to be due soon. Also, I have lost my current job due to reductions in staffing and it is essential that I find work at the soonest possible time. I humbly ask that you help me with this request. I would also like to ask for prayers from fellow worshippers as well. I pray that you hear and grant the requests of everyone asking for your help in accordance to Your Most Holy Will. I will be forever grateful to your answer for this prayer. I lift my concerns and burdens to you and pray that you hear the requests of your most faithful in this forum. Thank you Lord, for everything. Amen!

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