Prayer for an Anxious and Tearful heart

by Sophia (Malaysia)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your presence in my life and for not being weary of my many requests. Forgive me for my lack of patience and faith in your promises. Like another request here, “I pray that I no longer feel anxious and scared about the future and what it may or may not bring. Let me live each day to the full and not take for granted what I already have. I pray that things start falling into place for me soon, and that I put all past failings behind me. Let me reach my full potential and live life as you would wish.”

I also would like to pray that you will heal me of any residual hurt still within me. And of the hurts found in the hearts of my former boyfriend and his family – if it be Your Will, then let reconciliation with him/his family/within his family be possible and soon. But if it isn’t Your Will, then kindly replace my desire for reconciliation for him with the strength to live my life as a happy and motivated single.

Thank you Lord.