Prayer for an amazing father

Father God I beg your help. My boyfriend is a wonderful father to his daughters but his ex now wants to take the girls away from him because he is seeing me. I do not want to come between him and his children, and he wants me to be part of their lives.

He is not as close to you, Father, as I am but I still ask that you provide him with strength and courage to make it through this struggle. Please watch over the girls, that they know they are loved by all of us and how much we care about them. Please grant me the Strength to help where I can and please help him to ask for support. Please provide me with patience and perseverance to battle through the storm.

Please help his ex to find peace and forgiveness in her heart, so that she does not take his daughters away from him. My prayers are to you, Almighty God my Father, to guide us through the storm and bring us to calm seas. In your Holy name, I pray.

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