Prayer for an addict

by NATASHA (Central Saskatchewan.Canada)

I’am 34 mom that has beautifull babie’s whom are growing so fast. I have a hidden secret that I have been carrying in me for a while, My hidden shame that I’am a alcholic and I have been abusing drugs.

I see it is taken a toll on me. I mean that it’s making my body look and feel ugly.. I was once a vibrant woman who had self confidence and did socialize with other’s.

Now I suffer the panic attacks and I dont go out. I hide in my home. Now I got stuck with my depression like many mom’s suffer. But I had to over come many hard ships for the loss of my loved one’s,,

I’m in counselling for many of the issues that I have to face in this great life you have given us all.. But there is my sadness that I see in me, I want to be the woman who I once was with beauty, wit, strength…

I feel i fell in to this and I don’t have the strength to get out from it. I mean I want to be the mom and sister and aunt that I know I can be.I know that the grace and love and care from all could maybe help me??

I belive in god for he is our saviour LORD please hear my sad cry out and maybe send me some of you’r love and strength for I wanna live another day in this vast beautifull plain,Not just for I but for I must do better for my baby’s and my health,, I wanna live, I don’t wanna die by my stupidness.

I at times do take everything for granted. I know that the power of prayer can help, will someone pray for this stupid woman??