Prayer for an abused 16 Year Old

by Brenda (USA)

Bret is a 16 year old boy that has been abused brutally by his dad all his life. The abuse is much more than Bret can endure.

He talks about running away from home to escape the abuse. He is overflowing with anger & is most unhappy…degraded & humiliated. His dad rages at him daily,cussing Bret to the top of his lungs. The old man want give his son a break from the abuse. He abuses his wife & other son too,but heaps the most & worst abuse on Bret.

The old man hates his youngest son,Bret,with the deepest of hate. I’ve never known hate that deep. Bret,his brother Jeremy,& their Mom needs prayer. I fear the old man is going to murder them during one of his blind rages.

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