Prayer for amends will be made someday…

I pray to God that an ex boss who sexually harassed me and was making fun of his wife constantly will come to light that abusing women is not a funny situation. I would have been very good at that job and at that company. I was forced into sexual issues and emotional issues that never should have happened.

I had to quit a job that I liked. This gentleman lies constantly, cheats, steals and yet seems to get by with it all the time. He costs people time, money, marriage issues, deep rooted emotional pain, businesses to fail from stealing company money, has had other affairs, the list could go on and on. The pain, hate, and disgust in my heart is eating away at me.

I pray for deliverance from this situation. I pray someday he will ask for forgiveness because no one on God’s green earth can be that evil and not realize the pain and humiliation he causes. He uses the excuse he was abused in his past 30+years ago to continually hurt others for his selfish gain.

Please let something good or better come of this or at least justice to be served. He poses as a Christian, but lies and toys with other emotions. Please pray for me to be healed from all of these toxic issues. Please help us all. Amen.