Prayer for almost Everything (not quite everything, but this could be for anyone.)

by William (Pennsylvania)

Father God, Heal them change them and strengthen them in body and in soul and in spirit. Truly have mercy and pity upon them. Show them your mercy and pity for them. Show them how to live and how to make good decisions. Give them the strength guidance courage power help, hope, and everything else that is need by them to overcome their problems and to overcome temptation and to conquer sin. Teach them how to act speak live behave walk talk think and how to make righteous decisions of your will. Do this of your will and for your will. Come into their lives and into their hearts. Heal them change them and strengthen them in relationship to their friends, peers, family, relatives, and in relationship to you from doing so. While you do that let them know that you are doing it. After you have done it let them know that you have done it. Let them feel your presence and help them to discover your presence as well. Be sure they are not lonely, discouraged, unrighteous, unhealthy, unGodly, ungrateful, unkind, unthankful nor gossips. Make them happy hopeful joyful cheerful healthy and rich in faith. Let them know that those good things are brought upon them by you whenever they are brought upon them. Comfort them and help them to be forgiving. Give them the friends that they were meant to have and put them on the path of righteousness from doing these things. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!