Prayer For All Who Need Help From the Divine (Including Myself)

by Blonde (Wakefield RI)

Please Father, there are many who need your help. We need you to help us endure our life here. There are so many people like myself at war with sin, jumping financial hurdles, battling sickness, or any other thing like that. Please show your divine mercy to us.

Also, my Lord, I need your help. with some other things. Some I can’t list here, but I am sure that you know the things I speak of. I am searching for something very important. It is vital to something I wish to accomplish. I am praying that I can become a better person. I am praying that my grades improve. I am looking for good things to come.

Most of all, I am waiting for a set of very important wishes to come true, and to find a way to either end my suffering or to endure it.
Lord, hear my prayer. Please speak to me later, I have some other things to discuss with you.

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