Prayer for all who are seeking strength in Him

by Sarah (Fresno, CA)

The needs of others put my struggles into perspective, Lord.

So many are suffering, but I know You have wonderful reasons for each trial. These difficulties are refining us and humbling us.
Our weaknesses are causing us to fall to our knees and seek You in prayer. May Your perfect plans prevail and may we know the hope that can only be found in complete trust in You.
God, You are greater than my trails. You created us and put a desire for You inside of us. Remind us that only through Jesus can we be complete. Help us to stop seeking the things of this world and to stop trying to find perfection here on earth. Give us a vision of eternity where the sorrows will forever be silenced and the tears non-existent.
Help us to stop focusing on the pain and to start looking for the blessings. Help us to see what You are doing through our hardships. May we see the strength of character that You are developing, the compassion, and the love that you are nurturing in broken hearts (hearts that can only find healing in You). Take our thoughts captive to Christ. May we cast aside our complaints and fears and run this race of life with greater hope, courage, and trust in You.
In Jesus Precious Name, All God’s People Prayed, “Amen.”

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