Prayer for all trouble children and praying parents

by DEDE (Chicago)

Lord, I thank you that you hear the prayers of your people. I pray for all the children that are battling with the feeling of hopelessness. Looking for good in all the evil places. Looking for love in all the wrong places. Some don’t know what they are looking for. I pray Father for their minds, their peace, and their sense for purpose. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but you came that they will have life, and abundant life. Help them to find their way back to you, help them to find life in you. You created them for a purpose, you knew them before they were born. To the confused, give them guiding, to those that are hurting, give them comfort, To the one that are rebelling, help them to feel your love and peace. And to all the parents, help them to continue to pray for their children. To trust you in all thing. To keep the Faith. Your word said that He will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our mind stayed on you. We need that perfect PEACE. We bless you and thank you for your grace and your mercy.

In Jesus name

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