Prayer for all to return as it was (even if less hours than before) And/Or an opportunity in another’s school to do what I was doing through the Education board.

by James (Ireland)

To pray that all will return as best it can to the way it was before in the job thats I loved.

Our principal died of cancer in the space of 4 months, after this I ended up losing my teaching job in the school, despite it being the principals wish for it to continue for a 4 year time period.

This Job meant so much to both the kids and I, as many of them hadnt special needs, an dhearna they benefitted so well from my services (music/language/art) Since then I have been asked of my return by kids, their parents and other colleagues that I worked with, unless of a miracle, Im unsure how this will happen.

I pray that I return ASAP to that school, even if its for less hours, than before – anything is better than nothing – to give these children the chance of a better future with my skills and abilities.


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