Prayer for all those who are incarcerated wrongfully as well as those justly

by Joan ()

Lord you said Vengeance is mine, I don’t normally ask for anything on this level or this type; however, seeing and knowing what is going on I plead for your Grace. Please pray for all those who are incarcerated wrongfully. The innocent unjustly and wrongfully beaten, mistreated, lied on, molested and treated in the most inhumane and heinous way. Pray for the poor souls who are left to die unmercifully for no other reason that there is no humanity. Pray for Black men and women victimized for the sole reason is that of the color of their skin, their socio-economic background and other demographic indicators. Pray for the aged incarcerated without empathy and humanity, of the cruelty of others guards, wardens, kitchen and maintenance staff, the idle and weak minds, and the idle hands of inmates. Pray for the hot-tempered bully, the fire starter looking to pick on others. Lord pray that someone steps forward and let William H. Cosby out of this current situation, the world will not remove the humiliating scarlet letter. Let them put an ankle monitor on him and he spends the rest of his days at home where they can watch him and monitor him the way the South African Whites monitored people who were ethically opposed to their terroristic and apartheid practices. Ask that, the allow Dr. Cosby to be released so that he may remain at home to be provided healthcare and services required at his age and in his condition. I ask you through Jesus Christ Our Lord, All the Angels, and Saints, Amen.

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