Prayer for All the Fathers in the World

by Greg (Oxnard, CA)

My Lord, My King,

I pray for myself and other fathers who have not gone the way of the world, who have been faithful to the wife of their youth and their families. Lord we are constantly attacked by the enemy and our culture.

Lord help us to not become discouraged and driven to despair as our efforts are mocked and our love for our families laughed at by those who live for themselves. As the culture tells us the way we live is old fashioned and naive. Lord silence the voice of the enemy as he reinforces the message of the world.

Lord calm our hearts as we worry about our familes, fill us with the sense that you are the answer to all our worries, and in you may we find peace. Lord show us that you hear us and your mighty hand is able to save us in any circumstance.

Lord cover our wives and children living in this evil world as we work hard to provide. Bless our efforts lord, though we fail every day in some way, help us to find forgiveness and acceptance in you. Help us to be strong warriors in this battle, and may we be encouraging to our families. Keep us and our families away from those who would lead us astray or into sin. I ask all this that we may be effective in your kingdom. Amen

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