prayer for all my lung collapses and my surgery and my healing

by Selina Rojo (Milwaukee, WI 53215)

Dear lord, in this state i wish to tell you how much you are important to me, you are the lord of my eyes, you give me life and please lord help me through this pain and depression I am going through. please let me be strong for my recovery and for all my loved ones.lord you are the light of my eyes, without you we are nothing.

we know your love for us and i know that you have a plan for me. please help me and cure me. please give me another chance in this life. please lord. you are my savior and i love you and i believe in you and in miracles. please show me how to have faith and be positive for my healing and recovery.please help me go through this difficult obstacles and help me regain my health back.

I am too young and lord please cure me and let me be strong. you are the greatest of all and i know that you will cure me. AMEN

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