Prayer for all humanity

by Kim ()

We need prayers from everyone around the World…Satan thinks he is slick..he thinks he is getting my children thru lies and deciet in this “Satans World” Well i say No Way!! Back off!! My life and the lifes of all my children, family , loved ones…….We belong to Jesus…we are already bought and paid for with his blood….you have no space in our life and we do not want to know you…or your evil ways…we will walk strong in our Faith and in the Love of our Merciful, heavenly Father. …….even tho…(i am sad to say… teenage kids dont really have this true faith and beliefe of true existance of our Father in Heaven) Ouch…Forgive me Father..I have truly failed you..and i have failed them..and i have failed misserably at protecting my babies that i love with all that i am…from pure Evil and Eternal Damnation….it kills my very soul…but i know that you love us so much…and you didnt send your son to die on that cross to just give Satan everyones souls…I believe that you have a purpose for us all…we may not know it..or see it…..but you are our Father and you will protect us with your shield..but we have to experience some strife to get our testimoney and to do our best work for you…I may be sad and feel like i have failed but Father please help me stay strong and not sway…give me and my children peace..while you are building and placing them in your Army where you see fit….and where you see fit….i know ..i dont… and they dont understand all the confusion and plain ignorance of todays youth….Satan is working hard…..Lord i have total trust in You…i have total Faith in you…..i know you got them…….without a doubt….you will not let them fall….in this World we live in today… understanding….that they will have to sway in the wind…Satans winds…..oh our poor Children….Satan uses every tool he possibly can to decieve them……he shakes the very Core of their FAITH in you Father…..i know that you are using our youngins to build a very strong wall of support to beat him and destroy him at his own game…I have total Faith that we are saved from our sins thru the Blood of Jesus and that you will build a wall of Protection around our youth and give them knowlege and tell them wrong from right…and Most of all…i have pure faith Jesus…that you will not let Satan claim my babies souls to burn for eternity in Hell… way…..We belong to you Jesus…we rebuke all that is evil….please Lord…use my kids for your works..touch them with the Holy Spirit…take the blinders off of their eyes and let them see and know the truth..keep them strong and healthy and give them peace….my Children are yours Father…Forever and Ever…. I pray everyday myself and this is the first time i am asking for true, honest, heartfelt prayer with a voice of conviction from my fellow Christian brothers and sisters.I feel that this prayer and my (our) voice needs to be loud to drown out the loud clutter of this World in which we now live. Satan can NOT have any part of me or my childrens, and loved ones(and anyone who wants to do good, and be good, believes in Jesus and wants to spend Eternity in Heaven)I pray for all Humanity every day..I want Satan left standing alone……but for now i need a special prayer from the World to ask that my kids and all kids be touched by the holy spirit..Please..they are so lost and tought in every possible way to turn away from Jesus. Satan is HARD at work and uses many tools to lie and decieve..we pray Lord that you open our eyes so that we can see..Lord please open our minds so that we understand..Lord i pray for the motivation and energy to get up off my lazy behind and do whatever it takes to make sure that my..and all the Worlds children know you, believe with all their souls that you are our God, our Father, and our true savior. Without you Lord…there is ONLY pain, misery, death, and FIRE AND BRIMSTONE FOR ALL ETERNITY…this makes me so sad and i dont understand why our youth is really falling victim to the pure deciete that this world fuelled by Satans lies infaltrates our kids from the time they are born…life is already so crazy and confusing and scary..Lord please give our children peace, courage, let them feel your presence and feel in their souls, the Love that you have for all your children..Lord please protect them with your shield so that they can walk thru this Life(Satans Playground) and not stumble but be strong ..Children of THE ONE TRUE KING, Our father Jesus Christ…I pray with conviction in my heart that Satan stands alone on the battlefield of Armagetton…he works hard to have many many with him on that day..but if souls are lied to and tricked and blinded by his evil deciete please Jesus forgive our ignorance because we do not know …Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sin..He died to save us..all of us…he is our Father..and we are all his Children Satan needs to be held responsible for all his evil doings and trying to steel, abduct, kidnap, decieve, lie to..i just prey Father that Satan no longer has any power, over Gods children from this day forward..Let Satan and his evil doings from every corner of the earth and from the beging of time until this day..allow every man, woman and Child know the truth..remove all the lies, take off our blinders and allow everyone the KNOWLEGE of the TRUTH..Let us all know without a doubt..every truth…and then…from there…with the truth be known to man…we can trully and ritiously..without any ignorance regarding the tricks and games that Satan uses to decieve all…what is truly good…..and what is Truly Evil…be known by everyone…so Father when you come for us…to bring us home….please Father..i know the Bible says that the road to Heaven will be narrow and few , i prey you can allow the road to heaven to be wider..a little Heaven Highway Construction if you will..Jesus died to save us..he went to hell and back……i prey with all my might that Father that every sould is Saved..and every soul is just and good…..( if thats what that person choses after knowing the just and devine truths of all satans inner works of the world) i prey that the souls that chose you then Father….Get to do what they were brought into this World to do……..Be the Son or daughter of a True King….Let us all live in Heaven and cherish your true Love..Let us return to you …the Love that you had for us….that saved our souls..let us praise and be thankful that we have a might Father that has patience and understanding, who is strong but gives us grace, and sends his only begotten be tortured, to suffer, to feel unbearable pain…..when HE did nothing to deserve such evil ways being forced upon him and his human body….Please Father i understand the price and the pain Jesus suffered for us….Dont let Satan have any souls that Jesus gave his life for..we are ALL already bought and paid for with the blood of Jesus….our sins are washed away..and Satan is no longer allowed to keep lying and decieving all of us…..we are Your Children Lord….And you are the Alpha and the Omega….The light and the dark…the beginning and the end….Satan has no power over you…please Father. take away the ignorance Satan uses in every way in this World he decieves us……i prey for knowlege and divine truth….so if a soul is standing in that empty, lonely line with Satan on judgement day…..its actually what that soul chose… burning in and brimstone.for Eternity…that soul was not tricked…but actually chose..and deserves…Hell For ever…not thru any ignorance because Satan uses this World and everything in it …in every way possible… to lie to trick us… And i prey that Satan stands ALONE on judgement day just like Jesus had to…and allow him to pay the price that he bestowed on every one of Your children father..trying to steel and turn the souls that Jesus already paid for with his blood against you….with Lies and evil wicked decite..not allowing truth…..just like Jesus paid a painful, horrible price to save us……….ALL ALONE….SATAN SHOULD HAVE TO PAY A PAINFUL, HORRIBLE PRICE FOR TRYING TO STEEL US……….silly little Satan…tricks will no longer be allowed on Gods kids….you dont steel from the King…And there ALL ALONE…let him have NONE of Gods children to follow him into his Eternal pit of Hell……our mightyFather..who aret in Heaven..we prey please Father…….TAKE ALL YOUR CHILDREN HOME…..the ultimate sign of a Fathers Love, Mercy and Grace…….The Widest road into Heaven.. ending the reighn of Evil once and for All……..God is Good!!!
and guess a princess….living the dream

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