Prayer For All Going Through A Bad Time

by Kimberly Elizabeth (San Francisco)

Lord Jesus,

Please continue to protect and bless all who honor and praise you.
Although our lives here in the natural are being tested and at times painful, we are here as examples of your supernatural works and wonders.

Heavenly Father, guide our steps when we don’t know where to go. Allow us to have the resolve, strength, and grace to persevere in the middle of chaos. We may be in storms of all sorts but we will not allow the water to sink us.

I am weary and feeling lost but your light will be my guide. My Armor of God is on tight and I know you be there with me through all of my battles. I gave my life to you and believe with all of my heart that all things are possible with you.

The devil is trying to take me down but I refuse and remain in full faith.
In your name I will always pray!

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