Prayer for Alissa my love

by Mark (Minneapolis, MN)

I don’t know what to do or where to turn for help… My girlfriend was recently in a accident and was hit by a semi and rolled her car 6 times and is now in the intensive care unit on life support in a coma she has bleeding on the brain and internal bleeding… She just went into a coma earlier this evening and her mom wants to pull the plug.. Before the surgeon Flys in… So I am asking for begging for help with prayer for her… She is only 24 she is a nurse at Gillette hospital… She is a caring woman loving woman and a positive light… I don’t know why the lord wants to call her home… Let her live and love and be loved let us live happily lord you brought her into my life for a reason… This can’t be why…… So I humbly ask you for help my lord and fellow humans

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