Prayer for alignment and success

I pray that the chaotic events in my life that have led to the demise of my health, credit, mental state (sad), unsuccessful completion of tasks and no job will turn around. I pray I get back my joy of life.

All I ask and pray for dear Lord, is the correction of the mal-alignment of energies in my life that will lead to peace, fulfillment of dreams, better credit and money, family harmony, school completion and feelings of value with myself. May a job be offered to me, no matter where, that will accommodate my limitations and yet offer satisfaction. I pray that my 120% of effort is noticed and aids in a work arena that allows for personal, professional and organization growth and satisfaction.

I pray that things will come together as so much has fallen apart. Just need a break. I’m a wonderful person who has a lot to offer. I love to volunteer and help others but until I can get my personal life, money and job challenges into a positive alignment again it makes reaching out to help others a challenge that I’ve been unable to rise to. Did it for years and want to go back to doing so.

Please pray for me as I continue to pray for others. I’ve been a believer that you don’t pray for yourself or your own needs. I’ve always prayed for others…and boy have I seen their needs change. So, I now realize that I can’t do it alone. I’m reaching out dear lord to you and others to help me overcome the odds that face me.

I need your help from all of you. Pray that I get a job, work out credit and money issues, complete school, keep positive and spread joy when that joyous feeling returns. I pray so much but am reaching out for hope and help.

Dear Lord…..send your help through the prayers of this wonderful community and let me accept the help that comes. I’m not use to leaning on others as I’ve been the one to always help. Well, I’m in the pits and need a ladder to climb out. Thank you Lord and all of you who take me into your prayer arms. I continue to pray for my family, friends and the prayer community. Bless you all.