Prayer for aFamily of 5 in devestating hardship

by Morgan (Arab, Alabama)

My family and i are in desperate need. I am starting to lose hope and do not have any where to turn. I am afraid to speak of my issues aloud for fear of me saying it may make thing turn more worse.

My husband is working literally day and night and i stay home with our three children. He is literally killing himself to get our bills paid and it just isn’t being enough. It is so hard to watch and pretend to be happy for our children so that they dont worry. Our oldest son has a disability. We have had to take out pay day loans for medication and doctors visit and schooling that now we just cant pay and now my husband wages are being garnished. Our rent is now behind our utilities will soon be shut off soon if something doesn’t happen or change for us. on top of it all we just got a letter saying we would be unable to renew our car tag if we couldn’t prove we had insurance on a date that was last year and if we couldn’t provide proof we would have to pay a 200 dollar fine plus 80 for our tag and we cant provide proof because at the time our son was starting school and we could pay the insurance that month and its crazy that in that one month it just had to be the one they requested for.
i don’t what we are going to do i don’t understand why. we are a family who tries to live right we do not do any kind of drug nor have we ever we don’t drink we are good people i don’t know what we are doing wrong. we are trying so hard but its hard to when new things rise every day. All i ask is for people to say a pray for my family that we get through this time and to give us strength and hope thank you all

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