Prayer For Adult Children

by Justme (United States)


Thank you for all of your provisions placed in our lives on this earth. Sometimes we may not have a clear understanding why we face certain things in our lives; but you know everything and we are grateful for your leadership in our daily living.

Now, I come humbly before your throne of grace asking for your healing grace and touch to be placed upon the lives of my 4 adult children. You knew them before they were formed in my womb and you allowed them to be grown without too much strife. Please draw each of these adult children to be led by the Holy Spirit to your forgiving graces. Nudge them, Lord, to you – to give their lives over to your amazing ways. Guide them in their life choices and please, continue to nudge them in the right direction that you would have them go. If their father and I made any mistakes in raising them, we ask that you heal them in those areas of hurt or unrest that they may feel now. Refresh their minds, bodies, spirits and souls so that they may have all the energy, resourcefulness and time to do what they need to do so they can be of service to others in their daily walks of life. If someone or something pulls them off the path that you would have them be on, please have their Angels/Guides and Holy Spirit nudging them back on course.

Lord, thank you for my four adult children and grandchildren. I have been blessed by the Best, which is you, oh Lord. Let me lean on you everyday no matter what I am going thru. If it would be your will, please heal myself and my family of any maladies that affects our well-being to be able to brighten others life. Lord, I need your miraculous healing in my own life. Without you, I am nothing. Make a way to help me, Lord so that I can serve you in a much better way. Rescue from the hands that want to bring much harm in my life and to my personal being or relationships.

Again, Lord, thank you for life, love, joy, understanding and compassion. Love you Lord with all my heart, soul and body.