Prayer for adult boyfriend

by T (Baton Rouge)

Dear Lord, I’m asking for your help in touching the heart of my adult boyfriend (we are both in 50s/60s), we have a wonderful time when we are together, but when we are away, he basically only wants to text & he will take the smallest of things & twist them into something they’re & it snowballs. He will constantly rehash “nothing” & is quick to always lay blame on me. It takes days for him to “recover.” My prayer is that whatever he has had in his past that is causes him to sabotage our relationship, please help him to heal. I’ve never ever met such a good hearted & giving man, but this part of him I do not understand. He is taking care of his elderly mother who lives with him & I know this is a huge weight on his back too. I somehow think he doesn’t deserve true love and an honest woman. I am a very selfless person (he even comments on this) & I love taking care of others, so I’m baffled how he twists things thru text & when I try to explain that’s not at all what I said or meant, he doesn’t listen & is on to the next thing I do that bothers him. I ask him time & time again to please let us talk about any issues face to face before either one is angry & he won’t stop. I tell him over & over if I’ve done anything to offend him, it was never done intentionally cause I love him & would never hurt him. He never apologizes….his response is “ditto.” Lord please heal the hurt/anger he has in his heart from his past so that we can move forward in a healthy relationship & have a wonderful future together like we just talked about. Thank you in advance for your healing. Amen

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