Dear Lord, I come before you this day believing that with you all things are possible. I ask pardon for my sins knowingly and unknowingly.

I come before you today because you said I should cast all my burdens on you and you will give me rest, Lord I declare you words on my Life and I say this year will never pass me by. Lord I stand on your word in the book of Matthew which say ask it shall be given unto you, Lord I now ask with Faith for a Successful Admission into the University of Nigeria. Father you know how important education is to me and to yourself because you said in the book of Proverbs that education is our life.

O Lord listen to my cry for help this year, and bless me the way you bless Hannah when she cried to you, make me Victorious the same way you made David victorious and also grant me your Wisdom the same way you did to Solomon. Lord I ask for Retentive Memory all this and many more I ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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