Prayer for admission into nursing school, employment, lost love, marriage and happiness

I’m a single parent, jobless and homeless at the moment, residing at a friends place where the husband abuses us on a daily basis. I’m praying for peace in this home. Please bless the applications that I have sent out so that I can get a decent job that will sustain the needs of my family.

I’m also praying for lost love because I feel that the one who was seeing me has become very distant. He does not call or see me anymore ever since he informed me that his ex is around and that he wants to clean up his act and marry. It seems that love, marriage and happiness elude me every time and I’m praying from the bottom of my heart for a miracle.

I pray for forgiveness from anyone that I have wronged and all the bad things that I have done. Lord, help me lead a righteous life, according to your will.

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