Prayer for Additional Money

by Deborah (Rosamond)

Heavenly Father, I praise you and love you. Without you I would be nothing. I ask in Jesus Christ name, for your will and Prosperity for additional Money, I am in need of it.

I need new carpeting for the house, paint job for the house, my teeth to be fixed, and to put money away for my retirement, and if there is any extra I would take Lyn and I to Italy. Pay back the money that my Cousin gave me to live off, Pay back the money that my Brother gave me to live off, and some money for Lyn because with out her I couldn’t drive back and forth to the Metro-link to go back to work. I would like to win some money.

I also asking in Jesus Christ name to open your heart towards me and bless me allot more that the average women and the metal handicap women, I am in need of it.

I love you my Heavely Father.


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