Prayer for absence and laziness

by Carole (Liverpool)

Please Lord I pray that my absences and laziness will not cost me my family, home and job. You know I received news today that means I will probably lose everything as my firm wants to sack me as I have been off with illness.

I pray that my family will understand I didn’t mean for any of this to happen and that I love them all very much and regret it all.

I know it would be easier for me to come to you Lord but I can’t I will just have to pray that you will surround me with your love even though I don’t deserve it.

I will hold on to your promise that you will not let us face anything that is too much for us to bear and that you will give me the strength to cope with the future and to find your purpose for my life.

I pray my family are surrounded with your love and care as all of this like the debt, weight and all my problems are not their fault they are mine.
Let your will be done and if a miracle could be found to change my situation and you chose to then let it be.

Your loving daughter in Christ.