Prayer for a younger sibling in need of a permanent stable job

by Naomi E. (New York)

Dear Lord and Master of Mankind, I come on behalf of my youngest sibling, a divorcee, single mother trying to find a permanent job to pay her rent. It has been tough for her with sporadic periods of temp work with minor pays making it difficult to have enough to pay bills and rent.

BUT she knows it has been prayers offered on her behalf which have prevented the multiple times an eviction has been averted. She is back in court in two weeks with the same issue and I pray in Your name Jesus that she will get the financial assistance to present to the court so she can keep a roof over her family’s head. Help her to stay I n the ocean of faith and know all crises or trials have their purposes and she must trust You to see her through this storm. Thank You for keeping her mentally for it has been depressing at times with no steady temp job or interviews with positive outcome of being hired.

Together we havee prayed, binding failure and discouragement and loosing peace, joy, patience, success, stronger faith and spirituality into our lives. Thank you for hearing my prayer on my sister behalf in Your Holy name, Jesus , the only true and Supreme God.

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