Prayer for a young woman looking for guidance

by M (Ct)

Father God, Thank you for giving me the ability to do anything. I am most grateful. Father right now im struggling with my CareerI don’t know how to advance because the environment s chaotic and unstructured. Father help me to release my past failures regarding work. Father let me know your joy and the ability to enjoy the wonders of life as you have created.

I had become consumed with material worries because as a young child and woman I had never learned a creative outlet and so I always focused on responsibilities. I want to thank you for sending D into my life because he is always a blessing of joy and reminder that I don’t have to do anything alone. Bless him with joy and happinesss and bless our relationship so that always see your goodness in each other. Brothers and sisters in christ please pray for me because I don’t want to make myself miserable and I dont want to always repeat the same thinking patterns that lead to nothing but judgemental thinking about what I have accomplished. Holy spirit cleanse my mind to release the past and old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me or help me. I surrender all thoughts of failure, sadness of events I can no longer alter, and the feeling of not being good enough. I REFUSE TO LIVE MY LIFE CONSTANT IN A STATE OF JUDGMENT BUT WOULD RATHER BE BLESSED WITH THE WISDOM TO KNOW WHAT REAL JOY IS AND TRUE LOVE CAN DO TO TRANSFORM US ALL. Father God thank you that I can always come yo you in prayer and you hear me and you calm my frantic heart and mind. I know as I type these words your will is done and you are answering my prayer and the prayers of others. In jesus precious name Amen.

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  1. same situation

    Wow, I’m reading your prayer requests and this is how I have been feeling for most of my life. I am so grateful that I can draw from your request and know that He has my back, cause He has dealt with this before. Thank you for opening and humbling yourself so that I can find strength. God you are great, forgive me for taking things back and not allowing You to do Your will. Lord is once again liken so many times before lay myself down before Your, and give it all back to Your Daddy, let Your will be done in my life. Amen

  2. On Point

    This speaks volumes on so many different levels what I’ve been trying to pray for what feels like the last eight months
    you said in two prayers
    just what I need!

  3. Faith

    I will pray for you this morning
    As I wake up looking at Marvels of God s sunrise
    Please go to church each Sunday even if it
    Is by yourself your example will be enough for
    D have faith your brother in Chrust

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