Prayer for a young mother

by Regina (India)

Lord Jesus, I humbly ask you to bless my best friends family. Her daughter became a teenaged mother very early but now as the years go, her daughter is not been able to cope up with motherhood, in taking good care of the child, being a good example to her, studies, work etc etc.

Its all too much for her cope. She is not able to concentrate on anything and is very depressive. All her frustrations and anger are passed on to the child. My friend is working day and night to set things right for her daughter and grand-daughter and is so stressed.

I see her constantly worrying about all this and try to sort out isses but her daughter is adamant to gofor any therepy’s which she needs because she is a young mother. Pray everything falls in place in their lives O Lord. Please send your blessings and Holy Spirit on this Family.