Prayer for a well paying job

by Eve (Uganda)

Dear St Jude

I know am impatient but please pray for me so i can get a well paying Job at least by February. Am not happy where am Staying, please i desperately want find love and be happy in it.

Please help me………

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  1. When life hits you hard

    When it rains it pours . Dad just lost his job and then I lost mines right after . Please pray that my dad and myself find a premenant job that pays well and has opportunity for growth and development. Please pray that I get a job soon my bills are already behind.

  2. praying for a job

    Its frustrating that i am not where i want to be in my life but hopefully soon i can get a good paying job

  3. It is written to let no man put asunder.

    I pray for my son (soldier)his wife and son’s,That it is written,let no man,Let no man put asunder. And my son and his family is covered band all who going through the same situation, is covered with the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen.

  4. A prayer to God for a well paying job.

    God i know you are a living God. You are a God of miracles. You have performed miracles in my life. I pray to you oh God that you give me a well paying job. I always pray for it because i know you exist and nothing is impossible in your eyes. I have many debts, i have to pay fees and the house i stay in is rented. I pray to you oh Lord that you perform this miracle. when my son was about to pass on, God you perfomed a miracle and he was healed. When i was stopped from doing exams because i had not cleared fees , you opened the door for me. If you can do all that Lord , i believe you can make it possible for me to get a well paying job before this month ends.
    I pray all this believing and trusting in your son Jesus christ who died for us on the cross.

  5. change

    i know GOD i have fallen short of your glory several times but here iam again fasting and praying that i get anew good well paying job and also be able to go back and astudy, agood husband who will respect and love me am requeting for your grace favour love knowledge and wisdon blessing . lord giude i beng of you i feel am being blocked i know my soul and flesh arte weak but i know with you every thing is possible God help THE ALL FAMILY IS IN A MESS MY SISTER leah IS JOBLESS our fisrst born is not working ,the second flavia is being under paid open for us the doors so as our parents can at least get to see us seceed send us aid from mt zion and protection you gave jacob and isaac lord through your on jesus christ i put this prayer amen

  6. A prayer to get a regular job and high paying job

    Dear lord,
    Pls. help me to get a job,
    Kindly pls. give me reasons to smile. I really need you for my entire life.
    Pls. give me a regular job that pays well. I just hope that someday I will be going to abroad having a high salary. Pls. help me lord, pls. give me a chance to have a work that pays well, career growth and salary increase. Pls. help me, I’m slowly giving up. Kindly, pls. Help me to be more positive since I am officially 5 months unemployed. I really need regular job. I need you. Pls. Help me. Pls. Don’t ever leave me lord. I want you in my entire life. You are my only hope. I need clean cash to pay my bills and to add cash for my savings for my future. Pls. help me reaching my dreams. You are my only hope. I am slowly giving up on my life. I feel very sad since non of my dreams achieve.

  7. praying for good paying job and babysitter

    Dear god I’m praying for good paying job u know I’m hard working woman I need this for my children and my self dear god help me gat what I need for my kids and protect me from all the bad things protect my children help my boyfriend be safe on the road god help me sleep better and eat better I need you dear god please pray for me who ever is reading this god bless you all

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