prayer for a weary heart

Dear God, my heart is tired and hopeless. I know Your the only one that can revive and enlight myvweary heart. I have lot if stuggles this past days and itvreally breaks my heart everytime I turn you down because of my sins.Please forgive me and I know You will. You are a loving God that accepts me, whk really I am. Give me peace and contentment. Dictate your plans to me. Give me strength to conquer this darkest days of my life. Set me free from the chain of my past. Sorry for everything, for always repeating my sins. I’m weak today but I know with you I will become more stronger to face the life. Negatives are there but it will now perish because You’re there. I know I can do it. I will become a better man on this day. I am renewed, start all over again, at the end of the your plans will still remain. Guide me in my doings. Thanks bro. Thanks.

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